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11 | Dr. Robert Brown Explains How To Reduce Toxicity In Your Home….


Daxy here, what’s up yall!

On today’s podcast episode. we get to chatting with Dr. Robert Brown and having a discussion about his brand new book.

Toxic Home/Conscious Home: A Mindful Approach to Wellness at Home

This one is JAM PACKED with loads of information to help you eradicate all of the hidden toxicities that lurk in our home.

Personally, I am moving into a new home next week for the first time in 6 years so this was super helpful in my planning and elimination process!

But, this book is just as useful if you want to implement these strategies in your current living space.

My favorite parts of the episode are when we speak about the dangers of EMF’s & Wifi radiation, how to Feng Shui your home, and the home toxicities that could be destroying your microbiome.

Make sure to listen in to the end hear some teasers to Dr. Brown’s new book!

What’s To Hear In This Episode:

  • An inside look at the topics Dr. Brown discusses in his book.
  • His morning routine for health & longevity.
  • Which new diseases are becoming commonplace?
  • The hidden dangers of Wifi & EMF Radiation.
  • His opinion on alternative sweeteners like agave and stevia.
  • How to Feng Shui your home.
  • The best air filters for your home.
  • The biggest home toxicities that destroy our microbiome.
  • How to properly read food labels
  • His nightly routine for health.
  • How he sources & recommends to source your drinking water.
  • Eastern vs. Western Medicine.
  • His story of surviving cancer.
  • Who our doctors don’t know everything.
  • Teasers of his new book about Healthcare

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